24. 02. 2020
On Monday we left Las Vegas. Our first stop was at Hoover Dam, when Eurolanche was in 2016 for the last time. We took some photos of the Dam, mainly from the bridge that connects states of Nevada and Arizona. Interestingly, there is a one hour difference between them. After that, we had couple of stops on the road, in a desert, where we could only amaze nature around, dry desert and snowy mountains behind them hundreds of miles away. At some points, it was really hard as the whole road was going just straight and it had made us tired. In late afternoon, we entered the Grand Canyon National Park. Again, it was the second visit for Eurolanche there, but we used different spots and views like the previous time. It was spectacular. Finally, there was more driving to Page, Arizona, where we stayed overnight.

- David

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