25. 02. 2020
Our USA road trip continued on Tuesday, when we left Page, Arizona. Our first stop was at the Horseshoe Bend with one of the most famous of Grand Canyon you definitely have seen somewhere before. The next ride took 2 hours to the even more famous place, Monument Valley. Many Hollywood movies were set there. All views and a valley road was spectacular. After monotonous driving in desert and Utah, we finally reached Colorado.

Our first stop there was Four Corners monument, where borders of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah meet. Sadly, it was too cold, even for desert, so we were happier inside the car than outside. Finally, we were driving within Colorado for Grand Junction, west of Denver where we are sleeping tonight. The route called as Million Dollar Highway was new for the Invasion project history, but we did not make it on time on daylight, so there was nothing to see outside.

- David

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