25. 01. 2017
Wednesday 25th. It was our second last day in Denver and after such a long journey I feel it's weird when it's coming to an end, because it's been amazing trip although I'm exhausted from all the things we have done and seen. It's just good to know you can soon sleep in your own bed.

Our day started by meeting Hejduk in the morning at the local Starbucks. Hejduk was very nice and friendly. He gave us all autographs we needed and we got some pictures with him. Great to see another Avalanche legend, it's amazing to see childhood heroes live in person.

After Hejduk meeting we went to meet Jake Schroeder, who is the national anthem singer at Pepsi Center before the Avalanche games. We met him at his job, as a Denver civilian-policeman who is making activities for kids, so they stay out of trouble. We were talking about local gangs and crime, which was kinda shocking to hear, because Denver has some gangs and areas which are quite dangerous, I guess that's the big city life here in USA, but we didn't see any problems during our stay in Denver. Actually Denver downtown almost feels too empty, you would expect to see more people but no. Very quiet for a big city.

Jake seems to care about the Avalanche as much as our group. He's been singing the National anthem for over 20 years and he has seen the good times and bad times. Now we are going through the toughest times in our Colorado Avalanche history, but he is optimistic Colorado will be back where they belong, the top.

Next thing we decided to do was to go eat at this local Hooters, which had all you can eat chichken wings for $13. Beer was also in discount, so we got quite good value for the food and drinks. After stuffing ourselves way too full of food and taken picture with Hooters girls we decided to leave for the game.

Game vs old rival Canucks. At this point we had seen 6 games out of seven and we had lost all of them. Unbelievable bad luck to witness something like that, so today everybody was optimistic we will get our first win. It didn't happen at the end because Canucks won, but we still got good experience out of our hockey games and a lot of great memories, so even though we lost all games it wasn't so bad. We will come back next season with some new players and I think we will improve.

After the game we went downstairs to wait for players, so we could get some signatures and photos. Quite many players showed up, Iginla, Gelinas, HC Bednar, Grigorenko, Martinsen and Rantanen. The players weren't too excited because after another loss but they did their job and showed happy face to us, which was nice.

Now I'm relieved and ready to go home. Everything is done and it's time to return normal life, which doesn't sound bad after such a long and intense hockey trip.

- by Marko

This was the last entry to the Invasion IX diary. A flight from Denver via London to Vienna, Austria is ahead of us. We would like to thank to everyone who read our coverage for the past two weeks.

- Eurolanche Invasion IX crew

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