11. 02. 2020
Some of the Eurolanche Invasion XII participants arrived to the airport in Vienna, Austria already in the evening of February 10. In total, 11 out of 12 members finally met together in the following early morning. Both flights to London (2 hours) and to Denver (10 hours) went smoothly without delays or any problems. Fortunately, the Storm Ciara was gone thus we didn't face a possible cancelation as other travelers on the same route two days ago. Even security checks were really fast. The 12th member have joined us in London.

The biggest delay occurred at the rental car company at the Denver airport. Despite our reservation, the car wasn't available and we had to wait around an hour. Traffic jam was the next problem. We could be only thankful to the amazing staff at the Best Western Denver Southwest hotel in Lakewood for a minute check in, so we were able to driving to Pepsi Center in hurry. Most of us made on time, however three members had a problem with the new ticketing system, but at the end they made it too.

The game itself was solid. Of course we are happy for our first win and even the shoutout. But if the Sens got a lucky goal, it could change everything. Anyway, win is a win. It was great feeling to everybody to be back at Pepsi Center and mainly to those our members, who are here for the first time ever. It was little bit rush, chaotic due delays and long traveling, but we made it safely. The Invasion XII has began!

Finally, the local TV station FOX 31 reporter Jeremy Hubbard was waiting on us at the airport, interviewed us and aired the news in the evening. He will follow our steps while in Denver. You can watch the report at Eurolanche.com.

- David

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