13. 2. 2010
The trip comes to a conclusion for me and other two of our Austrian companions. Saturday I leave for home and the two weeks I've spent in beautiful Denver will turn into a memory. But I don't want to get bitter sweet here. It's been nice and the last few days have been as great as the rest.

The Nuggets were blown away Thursday by the Spurs. I personally can't stand the Spurs, especially that Tony Parker guy. But the Nuggets beat themselves with pointless three points tries that weren't going anywhere.

That wasn't very pleasant, but I didn't come here for the basketball games, they were just a bonus. I was here for the hockey and I predicted a 5-1 record with 3 goals by Duchene. Matty only had one goal during that stand. Well, he seems to like me, because he scored twice and, lo and behold, Nostradamus is reborn. Duchene has 3 goals, the Avs went 5-1. There's nobody here to blow my horn so I have to do it myself. How great am I?

It was also an opportunity for us to see Hejduk at the end of the game, together with Salei, that's probably gonna represent Belarus at the Olympics. I just want to take this time to say that Liles is a great guy, a very good hockey player and I really don't get why Sacco doesn't play him. I know that was random, but I just wanted to state it again.

That's about it for now, since it's late and I have to pack my things. More from me in the next few days and the final summary of the trip will be done in a week. After that, it's the Olympic break and on March 1st the Avs will take on the archrivals, the Redwings. So see you soon!

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