11. 2. 2009
The last NHL-game on this trip is over. The Rangers won the game in a shootout against the Washington Capitals and again, the game was really fun to watch. there were 8 goals and 2 fights, which were really entertaining. The crowd is really crazy over here in the Madison Square Garden. Lots of freaky persons, but most of them like the Avalanche, as many of them talked to me because of my avalanche-jersey. The Garden is also an old building, but not that old like the Coliseum. They also plan to shake things up in the Garden for the next season, so this arena is getting an up-to-date-refreshment in the next time. The photos for the game will be uploaded soon, so check out the photo-section. Tomorrow night I will leave for europe, so every-day-business is getting me back on Friday. Thanks for reading this block to all. Just cant wait for the next invasion next season!

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