11. 03. 2018
Let's look back on Friday's evening when we were ready to fly back to Denver. We arrived at Chicago airport 3-4 hours advance of our flight. It was enough time to enjoy food, wifi and another ways of killing the time. We took seats very close to our gate where we finally moved few minutes before take off. There were still many people in a line, so we let them go inside in order to avoid useless standing. When we approach the gate manager, he told us we are at the wrong gate. This was American and we were flying with Frontier. Panic time. We immediately start to run towards the right gate which was not close. It was a long run, we almost died, but made it. Both flight were supposed to take off almost in the same minute which mislead us a lot... Crazy.

Another crazy moment happened the following morning in Denver, when we found out we had a flat tire. Americans repair flat tire (change for a spare tire) in very, very, very, very different way than Europeans. We want to avoid paying a fee to service company, so we learnt it from the YouTube tutorial and made it!

Our final Avalanche game followed with a huge win. Avs did not lose a single game in a regulation at our trip, gained 11 points at the end that is the best record in the Invasion history. Before the game, we met with the national anthem singer and our long-time friend Jake Schroder. During one of the intermissions, we met Joe Sakic - one of the top moments of this Invasion X. Thank you very much Joe for your time! Finally, we met some Avalanche players after the game and enjoyed our final dinner with our friends later followed by very final shopping.

Sunday's schedule was simple - get a lunch at the Czech sports restaurant SoBo 151 whose owner Filip helped us a lot with some game tickets and we would like to say THANK YOU once again at this place. Later, we would leave USA for Europe and Invasion X is done. Thank you for your attention and see you next time!

- David

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