10. 03. 2016
Wednesday was our last full day in Denver which we started by a snowmobile tour - something we had never done before. It was held in the famous winter resort in Breckenridge. At the beginning, it was hard to have full control over the machines but with every going minute, it was easier. Such sport activities will be part of the every next Invasion.

Then we came back to Denver. Somebody went for shopping again. The last game was scheduled for the evening. We got many free tickets, mainly from the Avalanche fans living in Denver. We are extremely thankful for their help they offered us for our full stay here. Eurolanche is known almost everywhere know so they can be sure their help went to right hands. After the game, we could meet the Avalanche players. You can see photos of this post game meeting in our second and new photo gallery on Facebook. We will compile full photo album and publish it at Eurolanche.com soon as well as several reports on the Invasion VIII.

Thank you very much to all of you who follow our coverage of the Eurolanche Invasion VIII on Eurolanche.com, Invasion.Eurolanche.com, newly on StadiumSeries.Eurolanche.com and on our social networks.

Do not forget you can preliminary register in the Eurolanche Invasion IX that is scheduled for the next season at this link.

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