Final day in Denver! It has been very fast. All trip. On Wednesday, two of us had luck thanks to Nick to try indoor skydiving. It was great experience, but we definitely would need more time to learn it better. We will post a video of our “flights” soon at the Eurolanche website.

Afternoon´s schedule included a meeting with Jake Schroeder – the national anthem signer. He is very nice and friendly guy. You can hear his voice before the start of almost every home game of the Colorado Avalanche. I am really happy for finding another good persons and friend from Denver. Jake introduced us to his friend Kris. He is a Detroit Red Wings fan, but in spite of it he gave me signed Shjon Podein´s jersey! Yes, you are reading it correctly. He gave me an authentic signed jersey! And it was framed too! I was really speechless and at the first moment I was not sure if he had not been kidding or something. Really, big thank you!

Finally, we could see the winning game for the Colorado Avalanche. Thanks to our friends, we could enjoy one period from the very first row behind Varlamov´s net. Awesome. Of course we were interview by Conor McGahey on the jumbotron during the first intermission. The video would be available soon at the Eurolanche website.

Postgame meetings with players included almost whole team with the participation of recalled Stefan Elliott and of course our big friends Jan Hejda and Milan Hejduk. Last photos, last autographs, last greetings. The trip is over and it would hard to say “Goodbye” to the players, who had cared about us after every game of the Eurolanche Invasion V. Be sure we will have a separate story full of “Thank you” words. These people definitely deserve it.

This is my last entry in this diary. I would like to thank you if you were reading it. I am not going to recap whole Invasion V, because I will do it later in the bigger story. For now: Me, Lukas and Rudo (all three Slovaks) are going to stay in Toronto for one day and then go home to Europe on Friday. It is kind of unofficial continuing of the Invasion V, which we will cover at www.eurolanche.com, not here. Matej from Czech Republic will not join us and fly directly to his home today.

Thank you for reading. – by David

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